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We have amazing services to help improve and empower, individuals, families, community and corporate entities!

You can choose from the very best services and receive exceptional results, 

connect with us for a consultation!


Marriage + Relationship

Virtual or in-person COVID regulated meeting, for counseling evaluation and workshop. To better improve, repair and enhance marriages/relationships in the present going forward.


Improving the lives of families, every step of the way! With enhanced family counseling and therapy to help bring people together and work through difficult times. 


Pairing with individuals one-on-one to find healing and power, in a new beginning. We provide life-coaching, chakra balancing + reiki stimulation, to educate and continue the healing.  


Continuous healing and impact helps to change our communities in significant ways! With Holistic Wellness Education and other meaningful methods, we'll be able to give our communities new ways to succeed at life.


Providing the tools and skills, necessary to make business thrive each day. We have you cover giving insights on Holistic Wellness through workshops, conducting Mindfulness Meditation to relieve stress and team building exercises. 


Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Contact us for more information on pricing, we can't wait to hear from you!

Individuals + Family 



Agreement or Contractual 

Best Package Offer

Hourly as recommended by ALR

(additional services - may change pricing)


Marriage + Relationship Counseling

Family Counseling - Healing Workshops

Individuals - Life Coaching - Chakra Balancing - Reiki Stimulation



Weekly or Monthly 

Contractual (Varied Pricing)

Best for Community Impact

Once Weekly Sessions 


Mental Health Awareness Outreach

Mindfulness Mediation + Holistic Wellness Education

Character Building Education Program

Mentor Programs 




Contractual (Varied Pricing) 

Best In The Business

Varied By Contract

Covering :

Mindfulness Meditation

Holistic Wellness Workshops

Corporate Strategy 

Team Building 

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